Remember: "You don't have to be perfect to be a model, just give 110%"... give it all you got!

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Creative edgy photographer for hire!!! I see beauty in everyone! I'll work with everyone and anyone who is interested in creating something beautiful and creative.

First of all, I do want to thank everyone for their kind words and feedback on my work (Facebook).

Now you can leave comments here on the Guessbook area or Contact us Zone. Is greatly appreciated and I love you for it. Photography is my passion. Is not just point and click for me; to me it's what you do with the image afterword that brings out the perfection of the beauty.

I am very easy going and fun to work with and if you need any references they will be furnished upon request. Feel free to ask any of my clients and models I have worked with about me.

I offer different packages however my rates are very, very reasonable. Call me for that special event (it never hurts to ask). Remember that we also Ship your pictures World Wide!.

Thanks for visiting my page and enjoy my pics!! Don't be intimidated, let loose and let's shoot.